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    They're not just cats... they're family!

  • Why Hire Molly the Cat Lady & Friends?


    We cat people know how stressful it is to travel and leave our beloved pets at home alone. And it's no secret among cat lovers that, contrary to popular opinion, cats DO need interaction with humans on a daily basis. We know that cats get lonely and depressed, and that this can create behavior issues.


    So you know you need to hire someone, but what if Fluffy needs insulin shots twice a day? What if she is really shy and needs someone who understands? Who can you trust to make sure that she gets the loving and attentive care she needs?


    Sure, there are lots of pet sitting businesses out there. But most are about dogs, run by dog people, with cats on the side. They will stop and care for your cat, but think about it. Who do you want caring for your beloved cat--a dog person in between dog walks; or a cat person who understands your kitty, thinks he's adorable, has years of cat experience, and can clearly give the best care?


    Although we can never replace you, your cat's best friend, we always do our best to care for your cat just as you would if you could be there yourself. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all service. We understand that each cat and their environment is different, that routines are unique to each household, and that cats thrive on routine. We will listen to you and follow the care guidelines that fit your cat's particular needs.


    We also realize that travel costs can be steep and that costs for care can add up. We will come to your home to feed, water, clean litter, and provide companionship and play for your cats; we'll take in your mail, and keep watch over your home for just $36.00 a visit.


    Yes, there are additional surcharges on most major holidays (see our services page) and yes we do charge for "hands-on" administration of medications (including insulin) and for extended visits. These may both be added to our basic service booking when you schedule care with us. If your kitty has special medical needs this is typically no problem, we routinely care for kitties with special needs or specific routines.


    If you have other "non-canine" pets in the home, we may be able to care for them as well, just ask. We love all animals! Yes, we even love dogs! However, we prefer to leave them in the good hands of dog people. We have experience with birds, small mammals, and the occasional fish or two.


    For established clients, we are available at any time for questions about your kitty's behavior or care routine. We can provide you with our feedback and recommendations for things you might try, or refer you to someone if your issue is beyond our ability to help. We have a great network of animal massage therapists, chiropractors, behaviorists, and vets to handle your kitty's every need.


    Molly the Cat Lady is bonded and insured; we are a NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) Certified Pet Sitter, and we are Red Cross certified for animal first aid. We are also members of Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota.

  • About Us

    Molly & Friends

    Molly Rosen - Molly the Cat Lady - Minneapolis, MN


    Molly the Cat Lady, a.k.a. Molly Rosen, became a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, the Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota, and Pet Sitters International in 2015. She is trained in the American Red Cross pet first aid courses and passed her exams and took the Pledge of Professional Conduct to become a NAPPS Certified Pet Sitter in 2015.


    In her personal life, she is the mother of three adult children; she was an intellectual property legal professional for 25 years; she likes to cook, garden, camp, hike, and read. She suffers from a painful, degenerative connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but is determined to have the best quality of life possible for as long as possible. She is grateful for John, who helps her to follow her dreams.


    John - Molly the Cat Lady - Minneapolis, MN


    John is Molly's life partner. In order to qualify for that tough-to-get position, he had to love cats, of course! John has been personally trained by Molly to do cat visits the "Molly the Cat Lady" way. Cats love him! Some have even called him a "cat whisperer." Here he is shown whispering to one of our clients.


    John wears multiple hats in the company and has been tireless in his efforts to continually improve our business while simultaneously doing consults and visits. He is very popular with clients and has earned many of his own 5-star reviews.


    John is an independent small business consultant. He enjoys his work in hyperlocal marketing, spending time with his daughters, traveling a bit here and there, and a good Chicago style hot dog.

  • Services & Pricing

    What We Do & How Much it Will Cost

    Sitting Services

    $36.00 per visit

    up to 25 minutes in length for visits occurring between the hours of
    9:00am - 6:00pm daily

    (for up to two (2) cats, each additional cat incurs an additional fee of is $2.00 each)

    Extended Care Visits

    $64.00 per visit

    approx. 45 -50 minutes in length for visits occurring between the hours of
    9:00am - 6:00pm daily

    (for up to two (2) cats, each additional cat incurs an additional fee of is $2.00 each)


    Short Notice Surcharge

    $15.00 per visit

    (72 hours or less)

      Medication Administration

      in addition to our sitting services

      "Hands-On" administration of medications, not including insulin injections.

      (We are not on-boarding additional diabetic cats at this time)

      $5.00 per cat

      (per medication administered)

      Holiday Surcharges

      in addition to our sitting services

      $15.00 per visit

      Easter Weekend
      (Apr 10 - 13)


      Memorial Day Weekend
      (May 22 - 26)


      Fourth of July Holiday
      (Jul 3 - 6th)


      Labor Day Weekend
      (Sep 4 - Sep 7)


      Thanksgiving Weekend

      (Nov 25 - Nov 30)

      Winter Holidays
      (Dec 20 - Jan 4th)



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    • Our Clients

      They are not cat owners; they are staff. They wait on the feline royalty's every whim, and take better care of their health than they do of their own. The cats of the house expect the freshest water, preferably moving (the sink is popular): that one kind of food they like (subject to change at whim), amusements tailored to their liking, and the coziest spots to curl up in (preferably yours).


      In all seriousness, we value our clients highly and consider them an extension of our own family. Like us, our clients do not think of their cats as pets. They are family; to some, their children. Their kitties get needed medical care, the best nutrition, exercise, enrichment, and lots of love. They might even post photos of their cat on social media so everyone can appreciate how special they are (you know who you are). And, they really need a trusted partner in their cats' care for the times when they can't be there. That's when they call us.

    • Contact Us to Schedule
      A Consultation

      On-Site consultation with you and your cats is required prior to engaging our services If you do not book your visits at the time of the consult with us, you will pay a $36.00 fee which will be applied to any future booking you choose to make with us.

      Please complete the consultation request form below and we will get back to you promptly with next steps.

    • What Our Clients Say About Us

      In their own words...


      "Molly really is The Cat Lady! My cat, Gwenny, wouldn't have anyone else care for her when I'm out of town! I give her all five stars: 1 star for feeding her, 1 star for making sure her water stays fresh & full, 1 star for being affordable, 1 star for being trustworthy, and the biggest star for spending time giving my kitty attention while she's there!"


      Cocoa & Jazz

      "My kitties are a big fan of Molly and so am I! It's so comforting to know that, if I am out of town for a weekend or for a work trip, I do not need to worry about my fur-babies. One of them has special medication for a thyroid condition and the other is quite elderly so often 2 visits a day are necessary while I am away, and Molly is so flexible and willing to accommodate their needs. She loves animals and takes special care of my cats, and is one of the few people I trust to have a back up set of keys to my home. She will be a wonderful companion to your pets also."



      "Molly did a great job with my little boy cat Kidlat. I traveled internationally for almost 2 weeks and her ongoing communication was fantastic, so I always knew Kidlat was OK. Upon return, Kidlat did not seem stressed out, which indicated to me that Molly gave him good play and nurturance time. I highly recommend Molly!"


      Jonni & Papi

      "What a pleasure to have Molly watch my two cats when I am in vacation! My husband and I were out of town last week and Molly took care of our two cats, our children. Because I get anxious and worry about them when I am gone, Molly sent me daily updates with pictures and videos. She even brought them catnip toys! I highly recommend Molly and will use her whenever we go out of town, Thanks Molly!"


      Luna & Lady Olive

      "Molly is the best thing since sliced bread! I have two furry friends at home (cats) who required a lot of attention. Whenever I leave town my mind is at ease knowing Molly is taking great care of them. In the past, I've had friends check on them and ever since I switched to Molly I can tell a difference of when I return home. It's like I never left. I'm grateful for having such a wonderful resource available when I need it! You're the best, Molly!"




      "Twice in the last year, my cat has gotten sick and had need for extra attention and twice-daily medication just before I was to leave on a vacation. Having Molly look in on her and send me detailed updates during each visit gave me the peace of mind I needed to enjoy my time away with family and friends without worrying that medications weren't being administered properly or that my cat was being mistreated or neglected. It's clear Molly loves animals and takes joy in caring for them.

      "I could have easily combined the efforts of a few very willing, cat-loving friends to stop by and cover those "shifts" of looking in on my pet, but having a single consistent, friendly face visiting each time is less stressful for the cat. And it also eliminates having to explain the details of the cat's needs, medical or otherwise, to multiple people, leaving less room for misunderstandings and mix-ups. And with an expert like Molly, you know that she is already familiar with how to wrangle a fussy kitty who just plain doesn't want to get pilled, injected, or take yucky-tasting oral liquid medication. :-)"


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